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Dijalo Supports Industry Transformation at SAIBPP Career Day

  • November 24, 2015

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The South African Institute of Black Property Professions (SAIBPP) has a directive to create appropriate skills development interventions and ensure that these are accessible to black professionals in the property sector.  Supportive of this mandate, The Dijalo Property Group was invited to participate in the SAIBPP Career Day which targeted Grade 10 – 12 students from the St Francis College and JL Dube High School in Durban.  Represented by Dijalo Asset Management Investment Analyst, Nandi Malindi, the Group made a lasting impression on the students who, through Malindi, were given first hand insight into the profession and what it takes to be a successful professional – in this case a property valuer and investment analyst.

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“As one of the professionals chosen to enlighten the students about my profession, I used the opportunity to share knowledge about the skills needed to enter the property industry and how to get ahead; drawing on my own experiences to bring my story alive,” says Malindi. “I also benefited as a student from a career programme that was held by Public Works and this exposure helped me choose my career.”

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Adding to this Malindi says that a student who has no motivation has no drive or desire to learn. “Motivating a student does more than just get them to complete their homework and pass their exams – it encourages them to prepare for their futures by building a foundation for their varsity education and ultimately their career. This is what the learning and growth committee of SAIBPP communicated to the students at the open day and it is our hope that these messages and the wisdom will be taken seriously by these potential future stars,” says Malindi.

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“Like SAIBPP – Dijalo is committed to developing, implementing and supporting programmes that will facilitate the participation of black people in the property industry. Participation in this Career Day was yet further evidence of our relentless pursuit of the achievement of this goal,” concludes Malindi.

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