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Asset Management

We create value for property owners by ensuring their assets sweat throughout their lifecycle. Our role is strategic.”
Saul Gumede – Founder and Group CEO

Dijalo Asset Management is a highly focussed strategic Group company that maximises the financial potential of its client’s property assets. A growing business, we are active in the commercial and retail property markets and have an unrivalled reputation for being a provider that can enhance an investment value by increasing revenue, minimising expenses, and maximising asset values.

As a member of the Dijalo Property Group, we leverage from within the Group and can provide integrated capabilities that support client mandates and open up the potential of the property. From strategic research, acquisitions and disposals, and property valuations, to investment analysis, portfolio benchmarking and value enhancing opportunities, we are able to protect and augment the value of the property.

A market abundant with opportunity, we are proud of how we keep our finger on the heartbeat of the industry, and we continue to think globally but act locally. In all things, our priority is to maximise returns on equity invested.

Our ethical approach informs our every move, and in so doing, Dijalo Asset Management upholds all codes of good governance.

Our enviable track record in the industry continues to open doors for the business, as does the enormous intellectual property that sits within our team; it’s our expertise and experience that generates excellent returns on investment for our clients.

We work closely, but not exclusively, with the Dipula Income Fund.