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Projects and Consulting

Dijalo Consulting offers a matchless and specialised service to the property industry, by combining financial, competitive and industry information with an in-depth understanding of property. This approach, supported by some 15 years operation in the business of property, uniquely positions this diversified business.
In the years since opening our doors, we have expanded into an exclusive property consulting division within the Dijalo Property Group, providing services to an impressive array of clients in the private sector, Government and State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s). Able to leverage off all the inherent Group expertise, strengthens our consulting function, and a healthy client portfolio confirms the success of this integrated approach. Our team can operate at any scale to deliver consulting services that make a tangible difference, ultimately positively impacting the potential or existing investment.
In all our transactions, Dijalo Property Consulting applies a professional, ethical and respected approach, which has earned us the distinction of being a trusted name in property.

Project History – Powerful Credentials

National Department of Public Works – 2009 to date

Sizwentsaluba VSP – appointed by the Department of Public Works sub-contracted Dijalo to:
• Review and give professional input on the Property Management Trading Entity (PMTE) business case
• Assist in the development of a sound implementation plan
• Provide support in the implementation plan
• In relation to leases, recommend best practice and systems
• Review and draft lease policies and procedures
• Provide technical support to the lease work stream.

Telkom Properties – 2000

Dijalo Property Consulting won the public tender and was appointed to provide advice on disposal strategies for Telkom’s non-core 558 000m² property portfolio, including 296 properties located in all nine Provinces, with approximately 200 tenants and leases. This consulting work led to the outsourcing of Telkom properties to TFMC and Rebseve.

National Department of Public Works Via Propnet – 2000

Dijalo Property Consulting was appointed to project manage the Verification and Renewal of some 2500 leaseholds of offices, residential quarters and land, on behalf of the National Department of Public Works. This assignment involved management of the leasing consulting team of eight people, detail audits of all tenant files and lease agreements, consultation on lease renewals – processes and procedures, validation of lease agreement data and information to the Property Management Information System, liaison and correspondence with tenants in relation to lease renewals, etc.

Portnet – 1999

Dijalo was appointed to give strategic advice on the standard lease agreements to be supplied to all the National Ports Authority tenants.

Business Partner’s Property Portfolio managed on behalf of Department of Trade and Industry – 2000

Dijalo was appointed to advise and assist with the disposal of DTI Peripheral Properties. This assignment included the disposal of industrial parks and a shopping centre and involved negotiations with tenants, industrial park tenant associations, and supplying advice on valuations and funding, etc.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Council – Establishment of Property Management Agency for Newtown : Cultural Precinct – 1999

Dijalo was appointed to advise the JHB Council through John Spiropoulos’s Egoli 2000 strategic programmes. This assignment involved strategic property advice, developing property structures and operations, management of staff complements and skills, providing input on computer systems, guidance on property management and leasing procedures, identification of all Newtown properties, compilation of building inspection reports, auditing all lease agreements, instruction on lease agreements, and structuring certain strategic leases, etc.

Khula Enterprises – 2001

Dijalo was appointed to consult on the establishment of a Property Management division. This assignment involved the analysis of the existing property portfolio and management structure, consultation on the skills requirements and the key performance indicators for management of an outsourced property management portfolio, as well as advice on property management contracts, etc.

National Department of Public Works – Strategic Advisor and Internal Project Manager for the Fixed Asset Management Multi-Skilled Consultancy Team – 1999 - 2002

Dijalo was one of the consortium companies appointed to provide strategic advice on the National Department of Public Works R120 Billion property portfolio. Dijalo’s main consortium companies in this 18 month contract included – Africon, Deloitte and Touché, WipCapital, RMB Properties, Turner and Townsend and Macquarie Africa. Each company had its own direct delivery and was also part of the team that approved all client deliverables. Dijalo’s direct deliverables were to:
• Compile a property portfolio analysis of the entire national property portfolio per Province, per user department, etc
• Advise on property and facilities management
• Advise on property management policies and procedures
• Advise on systems and procedures regarding management of state tenants; resulting in the implementation of a debtors system
• Advise on strategic BEE policy document
• Input on broader team deliverables.

Gateway International Airport – Property Portfolio Restructuring and Strategic Advice - 2004

Dijalo was appointed by Gateway International Airport to provide consultation on the strategic and operational activities of a property portfolio, undertake lease audits, and provide lease agreement advice. A skills audit and requirements for the portfolio was also needed as was, property management systems advice, and input on debtor’s management and rental collection policies and procedures.

National Department of Public Works on JV with Sizwe Ntsaluba (CA) - September 2009 to February 2010

Dijalo was involved in the development of a business case for the establishment of a Trading Entity as approved by the National Treasury (NT) in March 2006 in terms of Section 1 of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999) (PFMA) read with Treasury Regulation 19. The approval of such entity was subject to the following conditions:
• The Trading Entity must operate a set of accounts (separate from the Department of Public Works (DPW) accounts) with its own Paymaster-General’s bank account
• Financial control measures/issues are in place
• The Accounting Officer of DPW must formulate a policy and reporting framework for the Trading Entity. The policy must also provide for the generating of quarterly reporting and monthly management systems to track both commitments and cash
• Likewise, a proper set of delegations must be operational by 1 April 2006 specifying the responsibility for each of the departmental key account managers
• All people and institutional arrangements must be put in place as soon as possible but not later than 31 March 2006
• During the first year of operation of the Trading Entity (1 April 2006), DPW must seek approval from NT to establish a property management Trading Entity. This must be done by 1 April 2007 and must comply with all the conditions for trading entities contained in Treasury Regulation 19.

Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market – 2003 and 2005

Dijalo was appointed by the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market to advise on the strategic and operational activities of a property portfolio, stage a lease audit and draft lease agreements, perform a skills audit and consult on the requirements for the portfolio. Consultation extended to include property management systems advice, facilities management, debtor’s management and input on rental collection policies and procedures.

National Empowerment Fund 2006 -

Dijalo is continuously appointed by the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) to deliver property solutions that include market reviews, due diligence studies, asset management services, valuations services, acquisition solutions, comprehensive building inspections, investment analysis and property market studies. The largest assignment undertaken for the NEF was to consult on a BEE structure for the acquisition of a 25% stake in a R250 million shopping centre. The relationship with the NEF is ongoing and Dijalo Property Consulting is regularly appointed for similar asset management assignments for its clients who are seeking property funding from them.