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Property Broking

By overlaying a financial model onto a property transaction, we help customers grow their real estate investment portfolios; ensuring the best possible ROI from income generating properties.”
Desiree Rabie – Managing Director, Dijalo Property Broking

Bringing together buyers and sellers of property with the intention of unlocking value and ultimately supporting client investment strategies, is at the heart of the Dijalo Property Broking business. Our single-minded approach to delivering a superior service where the real estate experience is redefined, differentiates us from the market. Relationships and respect are the pillars that support and shape our success.

Although not exclusively, we predominantly provide real estate services to listed funds like the Dipula Income Fund, securing investment opportunities and leasing vacant commercial property within these portfolios. Transactions extend to include commercial, industrial, and retail property sales and leasing with plans to diversify its offerings into the residential market. Although our representation is strongest in Gauteng, we have expansion plans that will see our footprint extending into the Western Cape and in the long-term, also to KwaZulu-Natal.

Leveraging off our Group company status and the strength of its heritage, we are able to secure investment opportunities at higher Capitalisation rates than the industry norm. We also offer a full due diligence service which is completed ahead of introducing a property to a prospective investor and we are known for our detailed analysis and sound strategic property investment advice. Immediate turn-around times; flexible commission structures, and exemplary service levels set us – as a brokerage house – apart from the industry as our offerings go beyond broking.

With a finger on the pulse of the market, we are a truly South African business with all the credentials to successfully collaborate with clients, guiding their real estate investment opportunities; ensuring the best prospects are capitalised on.