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Property Valuation Services

We unlock value in real estate through our assessment of the value of a property, using dependable valuation models. This, and our knowledge base, makes our due diligence indisputable.
Mongodi Pitso – Managing Director, Dijalo Valuation Services

Real estate is a high stakes and high value asset. Procuring an independent registered valuation before making property decisions is the only way to invest wisely. Dijalo Valuation Services, with its passionate and highly energised team, is founded on integrity and knowledge, and we have all the right credentials to provide robust and independent property valuations across all classes of property.

We provide valuation assessments for the commercial, retail, industrial, municipal and residential real estate markets, using trusted valuations models and processes that will stand up on review. Our range of services extends to include hotels and lodges, game farms and reserves, agricultural farming and special purpose properties. No assessment is too big or too small.

Long-standing relationships are the hall mark of our full service valuation and consulting business that has experience working with financial institutions, government departments, parastatals and private clients. Renowned for our immediate and efficient turnaround times, our valuers deliver a professional service, using the latest technology to provide meaningful reports that add real value.

With expertise across all facets of the property market, Dijalo Valuation Services understands and can interpret client needs, while overlaying valuation models that provide current market value perspectives that would not otherwise be clear. This will maximise the net return of a property investment – unlocking value.